* campaign collaborated with Megan Williams and Gary Resch

fda antismoking / ‘the real cost’

According to the FDA, tobacco use almost always begins during adolescence. Below is a range of work aimed at educating teens about the dangers of using tobacco.

This idea was adapted to traditional and digital mediums.

This concept was brought into pre-roll ads and scared a ton of people.

Reasons Not To Smoke

Teens are often pressured by their friends and peers to smoke. This campaign helps teens deflect these moments by letting them know any reason is a brilliant reason not to smoke.

Cigarette Warnings

These posters showed teens in a visceral way what’s exactly in one cigarette.


Nicotine can reprogram your brain until all you think about is your next cigarette. Don’t get hacked.

I photographed this campaign which was used for traditional and digital mediums.

Straw City

Smoking can permanently stunt your lungs... taking the air out of even the biggest and baddest.

Matchbook Teeth

These matchbooks got smokers to think twice right when they lit up for a cigarette.

It also played in mall kiosks nationwide.


If cigarettes looked as dangerous as they are, you’d run like hell.

The Skip

According to science, the more attempts a person makes to quit smoking, the more likely they will be able to quit smoking for good. We took that insight and developed The Skip, a smoking cessation device that helps people skip more smoke breaks to help them quit smoking.


People have heard of dog shaming but these dogs flipped that shame back on smokers. These images were widely shared amongst teens on social media.


Every puff you take hits you with a lot more than you think.

Little Lungs In A Great Big World

The story of a pair of lungs who smoked as a teen and never grew to normal size.